A successful influencermarketing strategy requires careful planning. So influencer marketing agencies is a platform which provides those strategies. Agencies create campaign that they use with their networkof influencers. Influencer marketing is a form of marketing in which focus is placed on influential people & is a hybrid of old &new marketing tools. Instagram, twitter & Facebook are social influential marketing platform. Relatively a new form of marketing that utilizes the social influence of the influencers to impact consumer behaviour. Influencer marketing agencies is a platform for digital mediainfluencers to connect & socialize with the audience to influence them & build a loyalty. Influencers and their social media presence have become more important than ever. They have managed to create a niche for brandsto market their products. Influencersmarketing agencies are the leading source for social media influencers. It is a great influencer marketing platform with a better return on investment. Instagram influencer marketing the most preferable platform as it engages the audience & gives the desired influencing results. Influencer marketing companies is a form of marketing in which focus is placed on influential people. It identifies the individual that have influence over potential buyers & orient online marketing activities around these influencers. Leadingself-service influencer marketing platform, where brands & influential creators collaborate for branded content endorsement on YouTube, twitter&Instagram. Social media marketing is a process of gaining traffic or attention towards social media sites. Influencer marketing campaigns is a specific defined series of activities used in marketing for a new or changed product of service or in using new marketing channels or methods so that the brand could have the maximum out-reach with the help of the influencers as celebrity marketing is taking a back seat. an influencer marketing agency would be of great help in terms of identifying the right influencer for your marketing campaign, negotiating prices and measuring results. Influencer marketing in India has grown manifolds as India has a population of over 200 million active social users, hence giving a way tosocial media marketing& helping grow the influencers. Influencer marketing creates influencer campaigns which are not one-shot affair. With a growing population of internet users, influencer marketing in India is racing forward with good figures of return on investment Online Influencer Marketing revolves around the Influencing people who Influence the audience on Social Media Platform. Online Influencing Marketing is now in so many trend.

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